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Though we've tried to describe what an interactive movie looks like while you are "playing" it, words have always fallen short. In this 7:30 demonstration you'll get a better idea. Shown here are menus, puzzles, exploration and movie footage that integrates seamlessly into the gameplay. We have left out most cinematic footage in favor of gameplay, and we've edited together a small sample of what kind of action you will experience while inside the world of Darkstar.

The game begins with cinema that shows you as the lead character waking up on a broken starship, footage you may skip. You are then released to your own devices on a huge spaceship with dozens of areas that you must unlock and explore. There are clues, tools, maps, devices, puzzles, and a myriad of problems to solve in order to save the world, the girl and your ship. And the adventure is not confined inside this huge spacecraft. You go outside in a repair pod (EVM), a spacesuit, and eventually take a shuttle down to the planet where you discover an alien temple. From there you find an abandoned enemy flying machine that you pilot to it's mother ship, which you enter and explore and face death. Indeed you can die a couple of dozen ways in Darkstar, your only defense...SAVE or SAVE AS.

To jam hours and hours of play into a short video like this was difficult, but we hope this answers a lot of questions from you gamers. There's been a lot of comparison to mid 90's adventure games such as the Myst series, and although some of the fundamental point-and-click sensibilities are similar, the "Interactive Movie" aspect of this is what sets it apart. Just like any adventure game, this isn't for everybody. If you like exploration, adventure, sci-fi, rock music, and first person escapism, this might be for you. If you are a hard-core first person shooter or driving simulation type of player who just isn't into storytelling tools like this, you might pass. This experience is perfect for non-gamers, casual gamers, and hard-core gamers that like adventure/exploration titles that have a great story & stunning graphics, and just like to have fun. The puzzles in Darkstar are really not all that difficult, some are childishly easy, but the big picture of opening everything you must unlock in order to complete the mission and see all there is to see is more daunting than it seems on the surface, and lots of fun if you're into this kind of thing. We think you'll be very pleased with the vast world we've built, providing hours and hours of adventure.

STATUS: The game is finished, and is currently in testing and final programming in Ontario Canada. We are also finalizing rights management issues, in particular, the RUSH music. Though the band is 100% behind the project, this is still an arduous task. Atlantic Records (who owns a few of the masters) has recently issued a press release they will not license any music to video games, so we're dealing with the possibility those tracks will have to come out and be replaced by five Universal tracks. And negotiations are not yet complete with Universal either, so anything can happen.

RELEASE: We can tell you that the plan is to release on PC (XP/Vista/7) and also MAC OS systems initially. It will come in a boxed set with eight double density disks, Darkstar is a big game. We are doing research with surveys (click here to take the survey) to find out what platforms you own, and how many are interested in purchasing Darkstar on consoles such as X-Box, PS2, PS3, Wii, and others. If our survey does not address something you are interested in, please email us. We've gotten a lot of inquiries about the possibility of iPhone apps. We'll consider anything you bring to our attention. After the PC/MAC release we'll have a better idea of how much people like DS, and armed with the data you folks send in via the surveys and emails we'll know where to go from there.

RELEASE DATE: We're sorry, but no release date can be scheduled until testing is complete and we have our music rights ironed out, hopefully this will be very soon. Stay tuned and thank you for your ongoing patience with this.

SURVEY LOCATIONS: If you'd like to take the survey as a fan of one of our niché partners, the survey is in different locations.

We want to thank all of the other sites that have hosted our survey, and helped to keep you informed on the status of this product.