DARKSTAR » Fan Accolades  

Brendan O.

2012-04-20 11:34:14

“First, I’d like to say that I love this game. It’s so wonderful to see new Adventure games being released nowadays. I’ve had a blast exploring the Westwick trying to uncover everything I can. So far, Darkstar has become one of my favourite adventure games, if not the best one I’ve ever played. I never thought an indy title like this would be able to film so many sequences with live actors, It’s terrific.”

Matt C.

2012-04-20 11:30:48

“Holy crap! I just got my Captain’s Box and did not expect (all that) I received. I was initially drawn to the game because I’m a huge MST3K/Cinematic Titanic fan, and the idea of a cheesy sci-fi video/adventure game was just pure awesome to me. I grew up playing the Adventure greats (Space Quest, Day of the Tentacle, etc...) and the notable FMV games, mainly 'The 7th Guest' and a few others. I want to say that I appreciate the game you created, it takes some huge balls to release an 'Interactive Movie' nowadays. It’s not going to compete with mindless drivel like 'Modern Warfare' but you never meant it to. It appeals to you, me, and others like us who want to be entertained and challenged in ways outside of 'DUCK!' and 'FIRE!'”

Thelma R.

2011-03-10 16:40:55

“I just wanted to let you know that I've played all the way through for the first time and the game is AMAZING. I shall be going through again to do all the alternative bits. The sound track is fantastic and I'm not surprised it took so long to make - looking at the artwork and how it was all put together. The out-takes are funny and everyone seemed to be having a good time. I loved the way real actors were used (Clive Robertson is dishy) and his portrayal of O'Neil was so laid back, cool and calm. I'm glad I didn't have to kill anyone as I'm a lousy shot and always die. A sequel would be great with the sexy Clive Robertson of course - Simon & Mags can tag along too, but don't know if I can wait another 10 years.”

Teresa H.

2011-01-07 18:19:05

“The devil is in the details & this game has got 'em! It was a smooth download & played beautifully. The guide was easy to follow & use (I really suggest making it an instant companion piece to your game). It's visually stunning & the original score music will rock your socks off! If you're a "thumber", then it's not for you. But if you're a thinker & love the original crew of Mystery Science Theater, then it IS for you & then some!!! I'm not a gamer, but I navigated this ship just fine. Intrigue, deception & smart mouthed robots await. For $30, I had hours of visceral stimulation, clever scenarios & all the brain & eye candy I could handle. So,turn down the lights, turn up the music & see you on board!”

Adam W.

2011-01-07 18:18:36

“This game ranks up there with Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within, Phantasmagoria, and Black Dahlia. I had always considered these games to be the pinnacle of FMV adventure gaming, with Black Dahlia always being my personal favorite. Now, 12 years (later), I can happily say that DARKSTAR is a worthy successor to those games. To note, this IS an Interactive Movie. The designers behind the game obviously put in a lot of love and effort in order to create a game that sucks you into the storyline, and won't stop. The video looks great, and the sound is blasting — If you are a fan of rock music, then you'll love the soundtrack. Compared to the moody orchestral soundtrack of Black Dahlia, you'll have guitars galore raging at full force as you watch Earth (and everything else) explode before your eyes. The soundtrack fits the theme of the game perfectly, and I had a great time listening to it while I played. DARKSTAR is a true labor of love made by adventure gaming fans, for adventure gaming fans. The creative team could of easily compromised their goals, and sold out to a company like EA in order to rush the game out quickly. However, it appears that they stuck to their original vision of integrity and quality, and it paid off in the end. In an age where major studios push out shovelware every few months (Medal of Honor comes to mind....), it is refreshing to see an independent gaming studio buck the trend, and put out a game that reminds that adventure gaming isn't dead.”

Matthew V.

2011-01-07 18:18:07

“A commendable middle-ground mix of my favorite Adventure Game elements (with) extremely well-done back-story cinematics. I must also say that the way you included in-jokes and nods to MST3K had me laughing out loud every single time. Also, it's worth saying, MAGS was an absolute treasure — you must be very proud. On behalf of everyone who has not yet discovered this game I wish to thank you and all those who continued to stand by you for their dedication, tenacity and overall indomitable spirit in never giving up on the creation, production and distribution of this worthwhile and memorable experience.”

Danny D.

2011-01-07 18:17:29

“I can honestly tell you I haven't had this much fun with a new computer game in years. It has a fascinating backstory, fun characters, well-balanced gameplay and a kick-ass soundtrack too! (I don't think the soundtrack album will be leaving my CD player anytime soon.) Of all the "interactive movie" type games I've played, this definitely gets closest to actually feeling like one. Visually, the game is absolutely stunning. Everything looks so richly detailed, it's a joy to just stand in the middle of a room and simply look around. The environments look no less than absolutely gorgeous and their respective layouts make sense so you don't get lost very easily. (This was always an issue for me with the old Myst games.) Exploring my surroundings was definitely the most enjoyable aspect of the game to me. The puzzles in the game are just about the right difficulty, their solutions not always being immediately obvious, but not obscure either. I was able to beat most of them without having to resort to the game-play guide. The cinematic aspect of the game was perhaps the most impressive. The acting was solid, better than I expected — especially coming from the MST3K gang. I was most impressed by Trace Beaulieu's performance as Ross Perryman. I loved how he mocks the player whenever you get caught in one of his many death traps. A truly deviously evil bastard you can't help but love to hate. The length of the game is quite impressive as well, and the pacing is just right with pieces of the back-story unfolding gradually as the player activates biolocks finding clues scattered around. I never felt completely lost as to what my next objectives were. It certainly never gets boring aboard the Westwick. Overall, I was very impressed by the whole production and I'm very happy with my purchase. I will definitely recommend the game to my friends. Thanks for putting so much time and effort into making your vision become a reality over the past decade or so. I'm sure that many people will get a lot of enjoyment out of the game for years to come.”

Stefan S.

2011-01-07 18:16:59

“I’m very, very happy with your game/interactive movie, the Gameplay reminds me a little of the journeyman series (one of the most famous adventures I’ve ever had played). If I were Steve Jobs and performing a keynote at the presentation of your Game I would only use one word — AWESOME! Great Compliments for the huge and sensational piece of art you have created. This is the game I have been waiting for many many years, not knowing that I was waiting for it. It’s really unbelievable how many details added. Prior the my profession as a physician I (owned a) recording studio and (worked in) computer animation — it’s like building a ship in a bottle.”

Roger V.

2011-01-07 18:16:32

“I'm loving the game and playing it every chance I get. I have to say (that) the rendering of the cgi in the game works really well. This game looks good inside and out and it’s the first time I've seen video merged so well with computer imaging. I can honestly say that no FMV video game has ever looked this good. I thought the video in X-Files the game was great but nothing like what you guys have. Something else I truly enjoy about the game is how the pieces all seem to fall into place flawlessly. A good example is (when you read) Perryman’s journal notes (and) then later finding the video log that shows more of the situation and how it unfolds. Another is the innovation in the game such as the cards puzzle or the pool table game and how you implemented choices in both instances. I find it fun and unique that there were different ways to sink the balls and multiple ways to go about the task. The game has been everything I've wanted and more.”

Tim B.

2011-01-07 18:14:46

“I’m loving the game so far, and I can’t say enough about the soundtrack, its eerie in all the right places and just does so much for the atmosphere. Darkstar is an atmosphere-intensive adventure that can only be compared to the best of the classics. Its full of puzzles, danger, sci-fi cinematics, and the soundtrack is amazing to boot! This is definitely a special adventure!”

David G.

2011-01-07 18:04:30

“I just finished DarkStar (well at least the good ending), I will go back at go through the others. The game is Awesome in my prejudiced opinion. Prejudice because this is one of my favorite types of adventure games. First Person, Solo Exploration, Sci Fi & Full Motion Video. Shuffle together the likes of Dark Side of the Moon, Rama, Mission Critical, and sprinkle it with a little Symbiocom, The Dig, The Arrival, Cracking the Conspiracy, and Majestic: Alien Encounter. Then throw in some great FMV cut scenes and some cheese that only the Mystery Science Theater team can pull off and you have DARKSTAR. This is not an interactive movie like some that have been made in the past where the player pretty much sits back and has little to do. This is a full-fledged Adventure Game with exploration, discovery, problem solving and inventory. I had a great time saving humanity. I hope you are working on the sequel right now!”

Tyler K.

2011-01-07 18:04:20

“Thanks J. Allen Williams, I'm enjoying the game greatly. Thanks for being so dedicated to DARKSTAR and your customers.”

Ben F.

2011-01-07 18:04:10

“I'm a TV editor in New York and I heard about DarkStar recently on adventuregamers.com and waited until the Strategy First download came out. Thanks for bringing back FMV! Gabriel Knight 2 was one of my favorite games, and I haven't played another good adventure like this in years!”

Janice H.

2011-01-07 18:03:56

“My husband and I often find ourselves instantly infatuated with the most weird and esoteric things. I had no idea what to expect. I'm downing boxed white zinfandel out of a plastic wine glass after a hard day at retail, and through a cheap, pink haze the game began with the Earth exploding to a rock soundtrack, TV's Frank is dead ( I think Dr. Forrester stole his hand to clone him), smash cuts and high-energy rock suddenly and without warning segue into serene, zooms and the most awe-inspiring narration I've ever heard backed by a beautiful ambient acoustic guitar driven score. At the line “like a Spanish galleon teetering on the edge of the world”, my husband and I both stared at each other gape-mouthed. I was at a loss of how to explain DARKSTAR. I thought it was impossible, like the words for it didn't yet exist in the English language. Then I thought on it for a moment, and finally said, “It's like if a white guy was Japanese”. And there is no better way to describe it. From now on, if anyone asks you anything about DARKSTAR, you now know how to most succinctly relate the entire experience in one sentence.”

Cheryl C.

2011-01-07 18:03:41

“I love that the game is more of a thinking-person's game than a shoot 'em up. The slower, considerate pace suits my playing style. And the visuals throughout the game are fantastic. I am sincerely thankful that you persisted for so long to finish the game. It's beyond awesome.”