News » Peter Graves: March 18, 1926 - March 14, 2010


Peter passed away at the age of 83 on March 14th, 2010 just four days short of his birthday of an apparent Heart Attack just outside his home. "We've lost a wonderful soul, I am so sad that Peter is gone" said Darkstar Producer J. Allen Williams. "It was too soon, he had a lot more to show us, he was still actively seeking acting work when he died. I am particularly sad he didn't get to see DS released, I really think he would have liked it and been proud of his performance. I'm so honored to have met the man, he was loyal, kind, professional, and oh so talented. I'll never forget the experience of knowing this amazing human being." Peter's final performance was in DARKSTAR, and all of us at the studio are so proud to be a part of his story.