• Story

    Awaken aboard the Westwick, a spacecraft adrift on the edge of the galaxy, damaged and alone. The passage of centuries has erased all memory. Discover the tragic end of the Earth and a desperate mission to change history.
  • The Cast

    Over forty actors from Hollywood to New York to London create the characters that populate the world of Darkstar.
  • Music

    Produced at the studios of Progressive Sound and Metal Worx®, composers Bill Bruce, Jimmy Pitts and J. Allen Williams produced 38 songs to be scored to the interactive project.
  • Producers

    Meet the creators of DARKSTAR.

You awaken inside a cryogenic sleep chamber aboard a drifting starship. You experience most of the drama "first person", through the eyes of Captain John O’Neil. You are physically unharmed, but you suffer from a complete and permanent loss of memory.

You explore the starship to find clues as to who you are and what your mission is. A beautiful woman is still in hibernation. One sleep chamber is empty. A corpse lies with its left hand severed and missing in the final chamber, glass shattered. The ship's computer, Westwick Main assists you, but much of her memory has been deleted by someone unknown.

Your wits are your greatest weapon in this story of suspense and interplanetary intrigue.

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Live-action Actors in an Animated World.

One of the many things that makes Darkstar a unique entertainment experience is the large cast of talented actors that bring the story to life. Blending the live action, filmed people with a fully animated world creates a look unlike anything you've seen before.

Clive Robertson, Trace Beaulieu, Beez McKeever, Frank Conniff The Crew of the Northstar The B-170 Squadron The Starship Bridgebuilder The F88 Squadron Purgatory II, New Australia Kane Cooper, Scythe Captain of the Imperial Armada Sir Timothy Brisbane Scorpion Pilots The Galactic Discovery II The Solar Patrol Twin Turbo Squadron Peter Graves

Bruce & Pitts penned the ambient tracks with the contributions of bassist J. Allen Williams (writer/director/producer of DARKSTAR) to help set an ominous mood in this tale of murder, deceit, and apocalypse.

Fully instrumented rockers were also scored for action sequences, 12 of them featuring guest players Brent Frazier (guitars) & James Lee Dillard (percussion). These blazing instrumental compositions span the musical spectrum from guitar-oriented, flesh-ripping power tunes to passionate neo-classical piano pieces. The DARKSTAR score is simultaneously haunting and exhilarating. Check out the sound bytes below for samples of this amazing progressive rock collection of songs specially crafted for DARKSTAR.

Includes a two-disk set featuring the following tracks:

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  • CD 1
  • Surfing the Velvet Abyss
  • Mindscape
  • Mirrors Tell a Different Tale
  • Systematic Overload
  • Solar Wind Chimes
  • Lost in Eternity (Paige's Theme)
  • An Insignificant, Distant Nova
  • FDS2
  • Dementia in Absentia
  • Deceptive & Dangerous
  • Noir in A Minor
  • Considered Gone
  • Light Years of Darkness
  • Requiem for a Blue Dot
  • 147
  • Winds of Fate
  • Theoretical Paranoia
  • Falling Down Stairs
  • A Little Dream All My Own
  • Winds of Fate (Reprise)
  • Underneath
  • Light Years of Darkness (Reprise)
  • Another Time and Place
  • CD 2
  • Bonechipper
  • Eternal Twilight
  • Day of Darkness
  • Tomorrows Children
  • Corridors of Time
  • The Edge of Insanity
  • Knights of Vengeance
  • One Two One
  • Guardian
  • A Trinity of Sons
  • The Edge of Nowhere
  • Holy Wars
  • The Secret Sign
  • Psychic Pilgrims
  • Lasting Memory

Listen to sample tracks:
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Creative Friends

We are friends first. We’ve been in bands together. We’re godfather’s to some of each other’s kids. We laugh together and cry together. And we each bring a unique passion to what we do.

Parallax Studio has no employees; just friends and partners.

Between us all, we mix and match each other’s talents to fulfill the needs of the project. We don’t worry about the money or the market trends. We go for the dream.

Darkstar is one of those dreams.

J. Allen Williams Roger Jared Rick Corben Brad Hedrick Beez McKeever Dahlia Clark Jimmy Pitts Bill Bruce Dan Satterfield